To Be or Not to Be…

Just fiddling around with different iPad apps today… This was done with Sketchbook Pro.

Very thankful to my dearest hubby who generously, graciously sponsored a large part of my New iPad! I can do even more now with an iPad camera instantly sending stuff to the Apps!

Yah, I’m hooked on this machine! My iPad is indispensible!! From checking mails to Stumbling, to buying groceries, paying bills, starting up my Etsy shop ( to planning meals n recording recipes, borrowing n downloading library books, reading the Straits Times, sketching (but nothing beats the feel of a solid pencil scratching against paper!),doing casual research and recently, blogging and snapping pictures, or simply collecting a lot of useless info n playing mindless games..hehe iPad is the best techo gadget to me, nevermind it can’t play Flash.

My 3 year old iPad has never lagged even till now, unlike my laptop which for some strange reason gets slower and slower the more it ‘updates’ itself… Feels more like it’s downgrading and I don’t even use it half as much..:( So, when hubby happily took over my trusty old iPad, I didn’t feel guilty about passing him any ‘rotten egg’, cos it’s definitely not rotten! It’s a super egg and still as good as new, minus of course the camera n even clearer crystal screen. (Btw, that does wonders for the eyes especially if you use the iPad as an eReader! The only setback is that the left side of the new iPad gets warm n the battery drains slightly faster than my old iPad. But it’s an awesome machine! They are both awesome machines!)

Hmm… Just realised my entry has nothing to do with the title. That’s the artwork title actually. I should have titled this ‘I love iPads!’ or something… But I don’t want to sound like a fanatic. So, nvm lah. Haha.