The most absolutely delicious eggs I’ve ever eaten…

Slow-cooked organic eggs from MBS… So smooth, so creamy… the whites just wobble and slide onto your tongue and the yolk bursts gently with slow, ooey gooey goodness the moment your fork pierces it..

So SUPER I need to try cooking these… The texture is so much more amazing than Yakun’s extra large eggs, which I already like!

Did a bit of Googling and came up with some posts on the Slow-cooked egg.. Apparently, the eggs take 45min to cook at 64deg C! And you might not get the same results depending on your kitchen equipment, humidity and size of egg! Talk about precision… I think I need to get a whole carton of eggs to experiment on before I get the perfect egg…

Here are the reference blogs with their gorgeous eggs: /a>ipe/>J>.html
The egg below seems slightly overcooked but the author explained why. This method uses the oven, which I though would be worth exploring!

Will post again when I succeed in getting that perfect egg…:D