I’m Lagging!!

Yesssss… I didn’t keep to my ambitious resolution to post one item per day… Yes, I’m prepared with lots of ready excuses up my sleeve… Big headache yesterday(it’s true!), folding baby’s clothes the day before, cooking some new dish and I forgot to take pics the day before the day before, too busy with pencil sketching The Alphabet Project(more about that later) and making new things to sell on Etsy…!! I KNOW… ALL EXCUSES…

Okok… Here’s a post before heading off to the kitchen to cook ABC soup…I sold another mermaid bookmark… Thank you buyer, for liking it!:)


(hmm…I kinda feel a teeny bit sad that people seem to like this item much more than my cards…why??) my cards are seldom sold even though they are cheap, cheap! Yes, the bookmark materials cost more but this took much less time to do!! It’s just conceptualising the design and re-linking a few pretty pieces of metal whereas I took a few hours painting each of my card designs…! No lah… I’m not complaining. Hehe, actually as long as whatever I sell makes someone happy, I’m happy!

Many years ago, I had a dream: to set up a card/gift shop that people could walk into after a long, tiring day and be uplifted/amused/encouraged by the words on a card and go away with a smile or a motivation to put a smile on someone else’s face. That’s all along my main aim of starting my card/gift shop: To put a smile on someone’s face. The world would be just that bit happier! Yah, the tiny-drop-in-a-big-ocean-goes-a-long-way idea!

I pray I never forget this aim and won’t start putting money-making as a top priority!

Oh, maybe cards are not so popular, I should move on to something else, like grocery bags (I heard NTUC is considering not giving out any free plastic grocery bags, true?)