How to Make Body Scrub at No Cost (almost)!

Who doesn’t love a good backrub after a long, tiring day? Imagine rubbing away at all those tense, achey muscles with an exfoliating, relaxing scrub that smells of exotic flowers and tropical fruit and pretty butterflies…ahhh…(okay, minus butterflies. They have caterpillar babies.)

B and I discovered a secret. You can make a body scrub that FEELS the same as this one (around SGD$60 from Body Shop without discount) at close to no cost!

Yes, we have concocted a secret recipe that feels and smells as good, but at almost zero cost! How great is that?

Let me share it with you. You will need:
1) Leftover (but not expired) shower gels/ body lotions from hotels like MBS:p

2) Fine salt

Yes, cooking salt that costs just 30cents for half a Kg will do… That’s the secret ingredient. What you do with it is simple.

Mix 2 tablespoons of shower gel with 2 tablespoons of body lotion/moisturizer. Add 2 tablespoons of salt to this mixture and mix evenly.

You’ll get something like this:

Or if you can simply slather and mix them directly all over yourself and not bother about washing additional utensils. Rub a dub dub… Or even better, get your partner to massage it on your back for a good scrub!

Salt is great cos besides being a natural antiseptic, I find it takes much longer to dissolve than some of the cheaper commercial scrubs, so you get more for less! Oh… But if you’ve got a burst pimple or open wound on your back, you might want to postphone this for a later time!

But try it! It’s AWESOME!:)

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