Not for the faint-hearted

Today’s meal is actually for the faint-hearted in the literal sense… It’s a Chinese Herbal Soup meant to build up one’s stamina and rejuvenate the body. The common meat that is used with this soup is a whole chicken. But today, I will use a pig’s heart that I got for $2.90 at NTUC. It’s a really lean meat, all muscle and very nutritious. Okay, you can skip this post if you’re not a fan of innards… Hehe…

Step 1) Freeze the pig’s heart (how cold-blooded, right!). This will make it easier for slicing later…

Step 2) When the pig’s heart is slightly defrosted, cut it into half and remove the blood clots, arteries and fats.

The dark red centre bit is the clotted blood that has to be removed.

Step 3) slice the heart thinly and rinse. Set aside. See how lean the meat is!

Step 4) Wash the following herbs:

There are many different herbal combinations, depending on the purpose of consumption. I’ve taken herbal soups often as a kid and though I can’t say for sure they are the reason why I seldom fall ill, I can say for sure that most herbal chicken soups are delicious.

Step 5) Boil everything in the slow cooker for 3-4 hours.

Step 6) Add salt. Serve.

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