What to do with too much perfume…

Have you ever received perfume from nice, well-meaning friends and relatives which you know you’ll never use? They’re not the expensive sort; neither are they cheap. Maybe they’re too floral or sweet-smelling or spicy or something… They’re ‘sortof’ nice you know, but for some reason, you just don’t feel comfortable wearing that scent as your personal trademark.:p So… What do you do with them? (Especially when they look like they’re made up of 546813956832245721 or more squirts to last for eternity…)

Well, I’ve found some practical uses for these precious unloved babies.

#1) Squirt them onto some nice absorbent servette, slip them under your drawer liners and tadah, u always have fresh smelling curtains/ bedlinen/ wrapping paper!

And, if you still have 546813956832245719 squirts remaining after this,
#2) you can save money on those aroma oils for the living room potpourri. Just spray your potpourri with the fragrance(just a subtle bit) every time you have visitors.

#3) spray on wooden shavings/ shredded paper and keep them in those filter pouches/teabags so you can easily tuck them into the corner of bookshelves, store room boxes, into stinky shoes or the car boot to mask any musty, sweaty, fishy odors…

#4) Keep them near your toilet bowl… I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but they make the toilets smell sooo wonderful after a big BM and one bottle seems to last forever… They work well with kitchen bins too. (O man, I really sound ungrateful and offensive! Hopefully, nobody who has bought me perfume is reading this blog! Heehee… Now you know why B never buys me perfume.;p)

#5) Transfer them into one of those tiny, travel sprays so you can take them everywhere and always be that civic-minded public toilet user that everyone loves… It’s not a happy thing to leave your cubicle after a big, smelly BM only to find the whole queue of people who were standing behind you grimacing and avoiding your recently vacated cubicle, or worse, glaring lasers into the mirror, hoping to scorch your eyeballs as you wash your hands!