Luncheon Meat with Potatoes and Ketchup

Needed to finish up the half-opened can of pineapples. What better dish to cook than the sweet and sour luncheon meat with potatoes? One of our favourite homecooked dishes.

So, dice dice dice…

(pineapples, 2 potatoes, 1 tomato, 1 onion, 1 capsicum, luncheon meat, meatballs)

Sizzle sizzle sizzle

(ginger and garlic)

Soften soften soften

(potatoes and onions)

Add add add

(all other ingredients)

Season season season

(4 tbsp tomato ketchup, 1 tbsp plum sauce, 1 tbsp white vinegar, 1 tsp corn flour, 1 can pineapple juice, 1 cup water)

Scoop scoop scoop

Gobble gobble gobble…!

(For photo-taking purposes, I would have used 1/2 green and 1/2 red capsicums. But yellow capsicums are sweeter, so well… the taste buds ruled this round!;))

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