Roast Chicken with Pandan Leaves

I had to use up all my Pandan leaves today(Friday the 13th) as they were drying up and starting to turn yellow. So, what better dish to cook than stuffed Pandan Leaf Chicken with Pandan Leaf Rice?

Marinated the spring chicken overnight with 4 tbsp Tai Hua Chicken Marinade and 2 tbsp Hua Tiao Wine (sherry is fine too)…

Then stuffed it with Pandan Leaves and coated the skin with a tsp of salt and a pinch of pepper just before roasting.

(Meanwhile, I tied the remaining two Pandan leaves into a knot and dropped it into the rice cooker with the rice and some chicken seasoning.)

Then I set the oven to 180 deg C and roasted the chicken for 45mins. Had to flip the chicken halfway cos I don’t have one of those auto turning roasters. After 45min…

Tadah! Tender, juicy chicken with fragrant pandan rice!

Who says Friday the 13th spells bad luck? 😉
Maybe only the chicken that went into this meal…

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