No more heaty food this week!

Been a bit under the weather the past couple of days. Runny nose, body aches, running a slight temperature, thanks to last weeks’ binge on glorious, heaty food. In addition to all the curry and fried chicken wings and keropok, B n I had pot luck dinner with two of our dear buddies and this is what just the four of us ate:

(I’ve not much of an appetite at the moment but thinking about the prawn-paste chicken wings and oyster omelettes makes me feel like feeling hungry all over again!)

No. I have to stay disciplined. No heaty food for this week. Tonight’s dinner will be Winter Melon Pork Ribs soup and fish porridge… Okay, I’ll just add some stuffed Tau Pok and Fish Maw for B’s benefit.;)

It’s great to live with someone who dislikes the stuff you like… Hehe, especially when you’re at one of those 10-course dinners. You get double the portion of what you like and none of what you dislike! I benefit the most cos I like nearly everything and B dislikes so many wonderful things like squid, abalone, shellfish, porkribs, chicken feet, sea cucumbers, drumsticks, tendons, liver and other innards, chicken skin and anything that feels squishy/slippery or looks gross or remotely ‘monster-like’ by his definition.

See what he’s missing out? Of course, they are all lovingly discarded/ placed on my plate or fed to Tikki, our walking dustbin. (Pls don’t call the SPCA. Tikki’s not complaining.)

Look how happy he is.

Yes anyway, as I mentioned, it’s my revamped version of Wintermelon Pork Ribs soup for dinner tonight. Stay tuned…

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