Heaty and Cooling Food List

Are you, by chance, experiencing some of the following:
• Feelings of irritability
• Short temper
• Fever
• Constipation
• Flushed face or cheeks
• Dark yellow urine
• Sore throat
• Nose bleed
• Outbreak of pimples and acne
• Rashes
• Mouth ulcers
• Indigestion?

Take a mental stock check on what you’ve been eating for the past week. You might have eaten too much Heaty food within a short span of time! Fast food, potato crisps, deep fried stuff all fall under this category.

I used to scoff at kindly advice on not eating too much KFC or Keropok or mango(all my favs) cos they’re all ‘heaty’ food. I suspected my parents and grandparents derived some secret pleasure at being wet blankets to my having a good time.

Over the years, I did begin to find it uncannily coincidental that every time I ate copious amounts of ‘heaty’ food, I would end up with a sore throat/ mouth ulcers or fever or all of the above! I gradually became a believer of needing to strike the mysterious Yin-Yang balance of heaty-cooling food.

Today, I have this pasted on my fridge for easy reference and updating.

It seems simple enough; just have a varied diet, right? Well, to complicate things a bit more, the style of cooking/ seasonings used can actually TRANSFORM a Cooling food to a Heaty food. For instance, if you pick ‘Crab’ (a naturally Cooling Food) for dinner and fry it the Roland Chilli Crab way…

or the Eng Seng Black Pepper Crab way…

Or the Big Eaters’ Salted Yolk Crab way…

Or if you simply deep-fry bananas (another naturally Cooling Food) to make Pisang Goreng…

…it’s no longer a Cooling Food, but super Heaty Food!! (BTW, if you’ve never tried Crab cooked the Singaporean way, you MUST! Especially from those three outlets I mentioned. It’s on my Top 10 list of ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE FOOD!!!!! O man, I’m going to cook Crab once I fully recover!! Yayayayayah!)

Anyway, this thing about Heaty-Cooling food has been part of our culture for ages… I don’t know its true origins. Some say they’re just Old-wives’ tales not to be taken seriously but based on my own past experience, I now prefer to err on the side of caution!

Here’s more if you’re interested:


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