Saving My Durian for a Rainy Day

So much for my anti-Heaty Week Posts… It’s coming to an end, I assure you. In the meantime, I’m keeping things cool… By cooking Cooling Food, drinking the Barley and Honey Lemon that B bought me, freezing durians…

Never eaten frozen durian before. I like it chilled, but I’ve no choice this time. Gotta postpone my Durian Feast. My mum didn’t know I had exceeded my quota of Heaty food when she gave me this:

The whole house was filled with the overpowering Durian aroma but I had to swallow my saliva and extract the meat and pack it away without tasting a single bit, not even the tiny piece that landed on my knuckle. It helped that I was wearing a face mask throughout this delicate operation.:P

Tikki was the happiest. He got to lick the whole lot of already-quite-clean seeds cleaner.

Yes, the happy one. Again.


100% Durian Ice Cream (unfrozen state)

100% Durian Ice Cream 100% frozen

Can’t wait to try it soon!

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