Donate a book…

Today, I received an Etsy request to donate a book or two of mine to a children’s hospital in memory of a 6-day old baby and my first thought was, ‘How true is this?’ and I recalled instances of having been cheated by internet scammers and people pretending to be blind and selling me $1 handphone charms for $10 at food centres. Very callous and cynical of me, right! And stuck-up too (as if anyone would covet my book, hah!)


So when I clicked on this family’s Facebook link, I was ashamed of my skepticism. I’m touched by this dear mommy’s efforts to build up a children’s book collection for a hospital in memory of her 6-day old son, in spite of her own grief.

Though I don’t know this lady, my heart goes out to her and I support her project. I hope whoever is reading this will too! Our world is full of beautiful strangers like Courtney who move on in life with great courage and spirit despite the most trying situations.

Thank you, Courtney, for making a difference!

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