I can finally pack the mess on my drop-desk…

…wash my paintbrushes…

…and throw away my disposable Daiso palette…

(though I kinda like how the acrylics caked up layer upon layer on each other)

…and I can now close my notes…

…and keep my piano chair where it belongs…



I’ve finally completed Little B’s Weird and Wacky Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Alphabet!!

I’m so happy I managed to complete it before her first birthday(in 3 days time)!:D

Now I can frame each one up to decorate her nursery. I figured Little B would probably learn about the usual motley crew of zoo creatures soon enough at nursery/pre-school or whatever, so to make my effort worth it, I wanted to make an alphabet that would be useful for a long while. So it took 6 months of planning+research+sketching+painting (okok, fine I had a FEW tea breaks, catnaps and blank days); it took quite some time, but I think it’s worth it! And I learned so many interesting things about the weird critters along the way….

Like A is for Aye-aye, Aubergine and Amber

Notice how it’s middle-finger protrudes… God made this little guy perpetually rude so he can skewer worms and other gross bugs from out of their hiding places.

And this one- E is for Echidna, Elderberry and Emerald. Before this, I never knew that besides the Platypus, the Echidna is the only other mammal that lays eggs. And it’s babies are called PUGGLES!! I’m not kidding! This is one very fascinating creature!

You MUST take a look at an Echidna baby if you have’t seen one. It REALLY looks like it’s name: Puggle. Go watch!

I like this one too, the Kakapo – biggest parrot in the world, and flightless. And sadly endangered. And the more commonly known Kiwi. I included this too, to show Little B that the Kiwi she eats is not a bird.


And THIS!!! P is for Pink Fairy Armadillo!!

I know! What a name, right?! This was the only youtube video I could find.

Don’t understand the language and I’m not sure what they’re doing to the little creature, but it’s still fascinating to watch.

This one: Uakari, Ugli fruit and Ultramarine

Never seen such an ugly monkey! But well, you know, like they say in Dogs101 ‘Ugly is the new cute’.

Finally, one last one which I need some help with…(oh no…does this mean I’m not done yet? No no, I still consider it finished. I’ve painted this to the last pixel already! Haha!)

X-Ray Tetra + ??? + Xanadu
No, seriously, I can’t find a fruit that starts with X! So I just drew generic circles cos most fruits are roundish. One day, if I find this fruit, I’ll paint over the circles. Can someone help me here? Please, please let me know if you know any fruit that starts with X?

(Xigua doesn’t count; it just ‘watermelon’ in Chinese Hanyupinyin and I’ve already painted watermelon…:p)

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