Art museum – Art Garden


We went over the National Day weekend. They were having a contemporary art exhibition for children. The best part: free admission

Of all the exhibits, I liked this sand art room the best. The whole floor of the room used to be covered with sand art like what you see below.

Note the ‘shower caps’ the little boy is wearing over his shoes. Visitors have to wear those to protect the sand art but inevitably, everything still gets rubbed of, I believe, suggesting impermanance.

The title of the work is Echoes- Infinity- the Forest by Shinji Omaki

I liked this cheery piece at the entrance too, Dancing Solar Flowers by Alexandre Dang.

Coincidentally, we were opposite a church on a bright, sunny day, so I got this rather artistic effect (at least, I think so!) of the church superimposed over the flowers. Little B liked this exhibit the best cos she’s crazy about frogs and kept squealing at the rocking flowers. Can you spot the little green creatures?

Little kids could leave behind their masterpieces on the museum walls, which made a really pretty sight!

Cardboard artwork

And loads of cardboard boxes the children could play with and draw on

Entitled The Art of Imagination by Justin Lee

And all along the stairwalls

‘kakhe’, which means ‘stubborn’ or ‘naughty’ in Baweanese language, by Speak Cryptic.

Overall, a fruitful family trip! Will definitely be back again!

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