The Curious Incident of the Ant in Broad Daylight

Today, I did something that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long while – follow the path of an ant with my crayon.

I always feel there is something spiritual about allowing your art to be guided by the forces of nature; which is why I love working with watercolors. There is always that element of unpredictability in the way the colors interact with the paper and water that is really beautiful and quite beyond your control. So your masterpiece may likely have been the result of divine intervention!

Today, instead of water and color, my artwork was controlled by Arthur the Ant.
*Drumroll, please*

*Spotlight please*

With some coaxing (and some honey-tary incentive), Arthur and Arthur II agreed to collaborate with me.

Arthur is big and takes his time. Arthur II is small and speedy.

In the end, I found myself better matched with Arthur’s pace.

Arthur kindly agreed to be dropped onto the centre of the page, afterwhich be trailed by my crayon.

Every time he was dropped, his position would be marked by a colored spot.

Everytime he touched the corner of the page, (and he loves doing this more than anything else) he would be lifted up and dropped onto the centre again.

By the 37th drop, Arthur was beginning to feel very annoyed by all that stalking.

He needed rest.

And so concluded our happy collaboration.

Wow, look at THAT.

If Arthur were human-sized, he would have walked around Singapore at least five times, I think! Aren’t ants amazing little critters?

NB: No animals were hurt in the production of this piece. Arthur and Arthur II were happy to explore new territories down the rubbish chute.

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