My Childhood Games from the 1980s (part 2)

Continued from My Childhood Games from the 1980s (part 1)

13) Chapteh

14) paper ball
These used to be sold at 10 cents each in my school bookshop. I was glad to chance upon them in one party shop at East Point Mall.

15) Chicken Backside
For two players.
One player would be the questioner, the other would be the replyer. The questioner would ask any question, e.g. ‘What is your name?’, to which the replyer would have to answer, ‘chicken backside’ with a straight face.

If he even smiles, their roles would be switched and the game would continue.

16) Barbie dolls

1) wash barbie dolls hair; it will grow longer.
2) cut barbie dolls hair; it will grow back.
These were some of the firm beliefs my fellow 7 year old classmates shared.

I had a hard time explaining to my mum why my barbie doll developed a pom pom head.

17) eraser game

This was a popular game. You needed to flip erasers atop each other. Every eraser at the bottom was ‘conquered’.

18) See whose pencil mark goes the furthest
Starting on the edge of each paper, flick your pencil as far as you can, like this:

Make a cross to mark your last point of contact with the paper. Your opponent takes his turn from his side of the paper, so on and so forth till the first person reaches the opposite side.

Blue wins!

19) head-body-legs
Another favorite when you have more rough paper to waste. Fold the paper into thirds, and make markings to indicate neck and waist. Draw any head, fold over and pass it to your friend, who will draw any body and finally pass it on to the last person who will draw the legs and unfold the monster within.

20) Lego

Need I explain every child’s favorite brick?

21) chop chilli chop
Everyone would sit in a circle around the ‘monkey’ and go, ‘chop chilli chop chilli chop chilli chop!’ while simulating the motions of choppng chilli. Then someone in the circle would change the action and everyone would follow. The ‘monkey’ would have to guess who made the change. If he guessed correctly, the person who was caught would have to take his place.

22) catching grasshoppers, butterflies, dragonflies and tadpoles.

23) bubble blowing Type 1

Special thanks to my sis, who volunteered to blow the bubble for old time’s sake.

24) bubble blowing Type 2

Wikipedia free image

Thus concludes Part 2 of Childhood Games.:)

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