Herbal Black Chicken Soup

This post is probably going to make my viewer ratings plummet to rock bottom. But anyway, here goes:

I happily bought a black chicken on Monday and noticed something unusual about this breed- FIVE toes on each foot instead of the usual four that other chickens have. I did a bit of Googling and was surprised to discover that this was not a deformity but something characteristic of this breed.

Wow… Value-for-money indeed! Not as good as finding two yolks in one egg (which I did once, two years back) but this is pretty bizarre too, nevertheless.

It was quite fascinating, so I took a few more shots before cooking the chicken.

They were fully functioning toes with full-grown nails! Not just hanging toes….

(hehe, I’m only uploading this post after B has finished slurping up the last of the herbal soup.:))

Last shot before this goes into the pot with the rest of the chicken!

Hmm… the funny part about the black chicken is that it’s plumage is such a pretty white! Look at this adorable fluff ball! It looks like it’s covered with silky fur rather than feathers. No wonder this breed of chicken is known as the Silkie. In Western countries, they are often kept as house pets, but in Asian countries…*ahem*


I’m glad I don’t work in a chicken abattoir. How can anyone bear to kill fluffy, overgrown chicks with furry feet?? And because they have such downy feathers, Silkies can’t fly and are often bullied by other less docile livestock- which makes you feel all the more sorry for these poor, vulnerable creatures.

Sigh, but it happens, so that somewhere out there, someone can make herbal chicken soup…:P

I know. Despicable me.:(

Now I wish I hadn’t Googled to find out more about the Silkies while posting this entry…

If you’re STILL interested, my recipe is exactly the same as my Herbal Pig’s Heart Soup recipe, just that I used black chicken instead.


Here’s my Herbal Black Chicken Soup.

Why does the drumstick suddenly look a bit sad and lonely…?


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