The Secret Life of Bees

Haven’t posted in the last few days as it has been raining and rainy days put me in a reading mood. So I was engrossed with this:

I borrowed the e-Book not knowing it was ever made into a motion picture. Not sure if I want to watch the movie for this book cos I enjoyed it so much, especially the portrayal of such endearing characters! Often, when I watch the movie version of a book I really like, I am let down. Somehow, it doesn’t evoke the same feelings as when I read the book. It spoils the book too, cos I’m forgetful and get mixed up with the movie images versus what I read.

Random picture of my hot-choc-soaked marshmallows and the e-Book. Little B loves frogs, so her good friend here sits beside me to remind me to wake her for breakfast soon.

I wonder if frogs get stung while eating bees? Here’s the answer:

Haha! No actually they don’t, but what a neat video, right!

Besides shedding a few (okay, many) tears while reading the novel, I learnt quite a few things about bees. Like how they have their own air-conditioning system in their hive. When it’s hot, they collect water droplets and spread it in the hive interiors. Then they start fanning with their little wings all at once so that the evaporating water brings the temperature down! Talk about teamwork!

Queen Bee and her attendants

The novel made me like bees a little better. 🙂

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