Rainy Days Make Me High!

Yay! It’s another rainy day! 🙂 If this keeps up, every post is going to be about another rainy day… Which I don’t mind, actually! Hehee!

Today I am trying out the new oil pastels and markers I got for Little B!

I was so hoping that she would take to them like fish takes to water, but she seemed more interested in poking the baby face icons at the back of the box…

Oh. I just noticed the label that says ‘2 years+’. So she has 1 year+ to learn to like them. Well… She DOES like the marker caps. And taking the markers out of their box. Which is a good start, I reckon…:p

Oh look!

I like that they include beige even thought there are only 10 colors. As a little kid, I used to be quite disturbed at having to color everyone’s skin bright yellow or bright orange cos manufacturers often left out the beige. Look at the short nib! It’s stab-proof and colors at practically any angle.

The crayons are thick and solid and feel very comfortable in the hand.

The pigments glide really smoothly on the paper. I was pretty impressed by the quality of these kiddy crayons.

Both the markers and oil pastels promised to be water soluble and indeed washed off little B’s fingers so easily.

I could create some neat textures with just a wet wipe.

There. Rainy day fun.

I sure hope Little B will enjoy these when she gets older!:)

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