Tikki and the Tick

Tikki made friends with a Tick and brought him home last night, much to our horror. It was the size of a fat raisin, only it was ugly; grey and plump with tiny, useless legs sticking out from its body like little velcro hooks. B didn’t dare to pluck it out, so he gave me the honor of playing hero.:((

It was his first (and hopefully, last) Tick, so I felt quite inexperienced. But thanks to Youtube, we could view this…

…before I proceeded with the operation.

All went well. The Tick was removed…

…along with a bit of Tikki’s skin

…and a strand of fur.

Isn’t it DISGUSTING?!? I flushed him down the toilet bowl. Now I have to disinfect my fish bone tweezers.

We forbade Tikki from frolicking in the bushes and mixing with the wrong crowd

…and decided not to stinge on his monthly Frontline Flea/ Tick application again.

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