Gangnam Style

I have been hearing this term on and off for the last month or so, but kept forgetting to check it out. Yah, I know, I’m outdated lah. So finally, yesterday, B directed me to a video that is the source of this new K-pop dance craze that has hit schools all over Singapore (and other far corners of the world, I believe).

The dance moves were so ridiculous that I watched the video thrice. Be warned that it can be rather crude (think Mr Bean on drugs) and that ‘Oppa Gangnam Style‘ will keep ringing in your ear. You can watch it here if you haven’t already:

And a Singaporean version to parody the parody.

Yes, I definitely can picture some people performing this crazy dance for a Teachers’ Day item. 😛

To all my Singaporean teacher friends, congrats once again on the 8% pay rise and I forgot to wish you a Happy Belated Teachers’ Day! Maybe the above dance will make up for it. (if you haven’t already had enough from your students! Haha!;D

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