5 of My Favorite Insincere Food

What rubbish term have you coined this time? You ask. ‘Insincere food’??

This is my definition: any dish that is more than 50% pre-made commercially by someone or something else (factories included) apart from you. The lesser the time taken to cook them, the better they qualify as Insincere. They are also usually very unhealthy, but can be tasty! Here are some of my favorites.

I usually have them on Crazy Days (days when bad things happen to good people) or Lazy Days (days when nothing happens to a certain group of bad people).

I’ve tried to add a bit of sincerity to some of my favorite insincere food to ease my conscience before passing on the recipes to you:

1) Maggi Mee with Egg and Sambal Belacan

1 pkt Maggi Mee, 1 Egg, Some Sambal Belacan

How to cook:
1) Pour boiling water over Maggi Mee,
2) stir in some sambal belacan and drop in an egg at the side.
3) Put everything into the microwave oven and cook on High for 1 min 50 sec.

Insincerity Rating: 93%

2) Chicken Nuggets with Mayonnaise Dip

As many frozen nuggets as your deep fryer permits, half a litre of vegetable oil or lard(if you feel suicidal), mayonnaise

How to cook:
1) Heat oil to 180 deg C.
2) Fry the frozen nuggets for 3 mins, then leave them to drain on kitchen towels.
3) Squeeze out mayonnaise onto a saucer and arrange the nuggets nicely on lettuce leaves to up the sincerity points.

Insincerity rating: 90% (95%, if you decided not to arrange them nicely)

3) Macaroni with Prego Sauce and Fat Sausages
1 bottle Prego Sauce, 1 bunch Shimeiji mushrooms, Sausages, macaroni

How to Cook:
1) Boil macaroni in microwave oven for 10min. Drain and set aside.
2) Wash mushrooms and mix into the sauce before boiling everything in the microwave for 10min.
3) While sauce is cooking, make slits on top of sausages and grill them 2 min on each side. Set aside.
4) pour sauce over hot macaroni and add the sausage at the side.

Insincerity rating: 82%

4) Amocan Curry with Roti Paratha

If you prefer to cook your own curry, I have a recipe here.
Otherwise, this tastes quite alright, if you don’t mind all that MSG…

As for the Roti Paratha, just buy these frozen:

This brand is very, very good. Each paratha comes individually wrapped.

You just have to fry them in your pan, 1-2 min on each side. Done!

Insincerity Rating: 32%
Okay, okay the curry here is not the Amocan Curry but a sincerely cooked dish. If you used canned curry, the rating would have been 91%. I was just looking for an opportunity to share about how good the instant parathas are. So crisp and yummy!!

5) Instant Dumplings
There are so many types of frozen instant dumplings out there that I don’t know which ones to introduce. There are your cheese seafood tofu dumplings, CP Shrimp Dumplings, Japanese Gyoza, Korean pork and cucumber dumplings, the list is endless and ever growing… I recently tried one that had a special ingredient inside. I cooked it together with my usual Salted Vegetable soup ingredients:

Looks quite ordinary?

It’s actually stuffed with prawn roe!
Insincerity rating: 75%

I can’t imagine how long it would take to make dumplings like these from scratch! I can’t even be guaranteed I’d get the right flavor and consistency. This is one type of food I would always choose to be Insincere about!

Haha… Okay. I shall end abruptly now. So much for another one of my nonsensical ramblings…

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