Remembering Mother Teresa

Today marks her death exactly 15 years ago.

She is one person whose writing has influenced a large part of my outlook in life, though she is more well-known for her work than her words. She is one person who made me believe that God is real and very near.

Came across a poem and collage I did of her and Princess Di 15 years back as a teen. Haha, kinda weird and interesting, trying to view myself viewing the world through young eyes.

The last quote up there reminds me of a dream I had a few weeks back. I dreamt I was telling B rather cheerfully that I want to work till I die, like Lee Kuan Yew, and when I’m too old to work, I want to buy a nice, big room in an old folk’s home to stay in, double-bed, whether or not B is still around by then, and decorate it any way I Iike. What a weird dream, right?

Quite a big contrast to my cynical view of old age when I was a teen. Another bleak poem, written around the Mother Teresa death period. Maybe I was in mourning or something.

Anyway, enough of sad stuff. I shall leave you with something more uplifting from Mother Teresa.:)

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