Jumping Clay

B is on leave this week. Which is why I’m taking a break from cooking and taking this chance to try out and finish using up my Jumping Clay before it all dries up.

It promises to be bake-free and shatter-proof. When fully hardened, it develops a rubber-like consistency and bounces off your tabletop while remaining intact! And it is non-toxic; good for baby hands!

I decided to make a procession of Noah’s Ark animals to put on the dashboard of Sharky (our car). Will upload more pics when the procession is complete. Meanwhile, here are some animals I’ve got so far. They are all animals that Little B can currently identify:

Yellow rubber duckies, in two shades of yellow that she has.

Lions! She loves roaring like a lion!


And her favorite Keko-kekos!

I’m in the process of making Dogs now. Still getting used to the feel of this material. So far, I like it as it’s so bright and vibrant and it really remains a rubber-like consistency after it dries! But you have to work it fast.

And it’s not cheap.:(

I found out over time that a little ball of clay can go a long way. And the best part is the clay can be revived if it dries out! With a few drops of water and a little patient kneading. So my animal kingdom grows… As you can seehere

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