Trip to Pasir Ris Park

We came across many pretty things at Pasir Ris Park yesterday.:)

Two friendly ponies named Charlie…

…and Jasmine.

We couldn’t feed them, though!

Lovely raintrees…

A glimpse of a river-canal leading out to the sea.

A Banyan tree.

Strange flower and fruit…

I later found out they’re poisonous.

The whole tree is. It’s known as the ‘Fish Poison Tree’, ‘Sea Poison Tree‘ or ‘Box Fruit Tree’.

Apparently, it’s seeds are ground to powder and used to stun fish for easy catching.

I liked the way this very long branch hung over little tufts of grass.

And this bark is gorgeous!

This looks like a giant watercolor art tree suddenly come alive out of nowhere.

Can you spot a rooster, a hen and three chicks?

I was very amused at how the rooster went first, with the chicks in between and lastly, followed by the hen. Bye-bye, chickens!

A tiny feather caught at the car window caught my eye. It flew off the moment the car started.

I like feathers a lot. I used to collect them as a kid. They’re reminders of God’s love; if even the tiniest feather discarded by a bird is so wonderfully made, then how great God’s love for us must be! Every time I chance upon a feather, it’s like a kiss blown from heaven!

Home sweet home.:)

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