World’s First Angry Birds Cable Car Ride!

Little B had her very first cable car ride! They were having an Angry Birds theme when we went there.

This looks like one of the lift button panels from a nightmare I used to have. Only a few buttons; none of which take me where I want to go.

Thankfully, this was not a nightmare- level 15 was exactly where we were headed.

Some rules and regulations before the ride. ‘Do not throw…noisy children out of cabins.’ Heh.

And off we go!

Accompanying us on the ride was Angry Pig.

We dropped off at the Jewel Box to look around. Little B was excited to see so many Koi.

We claimed some freebies- Angry Birds masks and cups with some sugary syrup drink.

Then off we went towards Sentosa… Over a cruise ship

Well-equipped with life boats…

The view from above was magnificent.

Approaching Sentosa on the left…

That’s Universal Studios down below…

Here’s our travelling companion for the trip back.

The ride was short for B and I but just nice for a little baby. Little B enjoyed the Koi pond and pointing at Angry Birds the most.

This eco-friendly artpiece caught her eye too.

A small souvenir we bought from The Jewel Box to remember this special day!

Then it’s Home Sweet Home.

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