Chicken Feet with Black Mushrooms Stew

I cooked half a packet of chicken feet that my mum bought me. I’m so glad they have it pre-cooked and frozen. It makes things so much easier.

For B’s benefit, I added some marinated chicken midwings. When it comes to dishes like these, I eat the feet and bamboo shoots, and he eats the wings and potatoes. A win-win situation and the sauce ends up extra tasty because of so many ingredients.;)

This dish is exactly the same as my Chicken Wings with Potatoes and Bamboo Shoots Recipe, except that I added chicken feet and dried Shitake Mushrooms (pre-soaked).

These need to be cooked till they are really soft and gelatinous, so that they slide right off the bone when you suck on them. Look at all those succulent toes…


There it is, paired with steamed rice, bean sprouts…

…and soup of the day.

The photos are blurred and the composition is off. Sorry about that. I guess I was too hungry to notice then! 😛

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