National Library Board Book Sale

Every year, NLB clears it’s old books. I’m happy for them and for all who don’t mind owning a good secondhand! My neighbor and I went to Expo for the NLB preview this year with our kids.:))

Everything was such a steal at half price – just $1 each!

Look at my awesome finds!

Okay. I know they look a bit shabby and worn.

But with a little bit of cleaning and mending…

They’re almost as good as new!

Aren’t these little gems?

I know how much time and effort it takes to put together just one book of words and illustrations. Surely these deserve a nice home and eager little hands to hold them!

And these ones for bigger hands to hold.

Russell the Sheep by Robs Cotton

I love this book! It had both Little B’s and my favorite animals – frog and sheep, respectively! Aren’t they so funny and adorable?

This was a really unique book. Every page told the story in concrete poetry. So clever!

Hondo and Fabian by Peter McCarty

This book had some of the most beautiful, dreamy and luminous illustrations I’ve ever seen… My photo doesn’t do it justice.

I have a soft spot for watercolor illustrations.

This was so lovely too.

Bold and striking illustrations in Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young.

You can’t help but go ‘awwww’ every time you turn a page for The Cuddle Book by Guido Van Genechten

Overall, it was a fruitful outing.:)

In the meantime, thank you NLB!:D

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