The Rainbow Connection

I dislike anything to do with numbers. Apart from my salary, the more the digits, does not make me the merrier. Since we got married, I’ve always left all household finances to B. B is a genius with numbers, so I was quite relieved to let him manage most of my salary while I was still working full-time.

But now, things have changed. I’m no longer working full-time, so pockets shrink while household expenses soar. Little B is growing and Tikki is such a food gourmet. Since I cook and buy the groceries, it’s only natural that I manage that area too. And B thinks I should know where every cent goes so I can feel the pinch. That sadist. Look at all the receipts I have to key in each month:

He’s training me so I can eventually take over the utility bills too.;(

But but but! I’ve discovered a way to make staring at ugly numbers more palatable.:)

Just add color! *waving magic wand* Brrrreeeeeeeennnggg!

And visuals! *brrrrrrreeeeeeeennnnggg*

A rainbow forms…

… and hopefully I can find a pot of gold at the end of it!

Things get so much easier to decipher now!:D

Next year’s spreadsheet will be upgraded to one with happy fonts, frilly frames and a nicer backdrop with ponies and butterflies.:)

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