Little B and her Frog Buddies

Little B loves frogs. She starts squealing in delight every time she spots them- at art museums, in advertisements, in Daiso (this place is full of frogs, btw. The Japanese seem to love frogs a lot too).

In fact, it probably started because of this frog alarm clock my brother bought from Japan.

Since Little B was born, she would hear these little green pals singing and dancing every time the alarm went off.

It didn’t help when her doting grandmas and aunties and uncles found out about her frog fancy. They’d splurge on frog this-and-that just to see her break out in her toothless grins. And so, her frog family grew and still grows…

She has smooth frogs…

…and hairy frogs.

She has frog coin banks…

…and frog containers.

She wears them.

And even eats them.

Frog porridge.

Every one of her beloved frogs receives hugs and kisses.

Yes, even the froggy socks.

That’s my little frog princess.;) heehee…

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