Amazing Everything – The Art of Scott C

Here’s another gem I picked up from the library – a collection of whimsical, funny and delightful art by Scott Campbell.

I love his quirky style and his adorable illustrations which are full of random surprises and crazy ideas! They’re so fun and happy! Take a look at some of his work:

Zombie Fair (2010)

A Pleasant Stroll (2006)

Battle Supreme (2007)

From top-clockwise: Sharing Next to Plants (2007), Cutest Thing Ever (2006), Umbrella Party (2006)

I love these!

Super Happy Nose Poke (2007), Tension (2010), Sushis Meet the Tempuras (2008)

Some pretty cool inventions…

The Flying Swing (2008), Ultimate Tank #1 (2006), Baby Carriage Cannon (2008)

And adorable critters who smile all the time!

Cute Hunter Retires (2008), From the Cute Collection (2008), Adorable Garden

Some very zany houses…

Cat House (2009)

Crab House (2009)

Body House (2009)

Couldn’t resist having a little fun myself!

Guess the title?

Ewe House! (2012)

Hehe, I started off drawing smiles on every sheep but they ended up looking like incomplete noses, so I turned them all into noses instead…:P

Nevertheless, I had fun with this, thanks to Scott C!

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