Thank you family!

Had a lovely meal with my family to celebrate my early birthday. Every one of our birthdays is a great opportunity for get-togethers and a cool excuse to feast like gluttons. Heehee… That’s what birthdays and festivals are for!

I didn’t take as many pictures of the food as I’d have liked though… Cos Little B was cranky-exhausted and momma-clingy after a whole day of pushing her walker round and round and round and round the entire house…

Speaking of walkers… Doesn’t this

…remind you of this?

They should make elderly walkers more attractive, right! And old people’s diapers should look as pretty as kiddy ones. If elderly things are made more glamorous and exclusive, more people will find growing old easier to accept. If I could, I’d make wrinkles the next in-thing. 🙂

Okay enough of nonsense. Here are the sweeties:

Traditional egg cakes (eaten with orange sugar)

Shy bunnies with lotus paste filling

Assorted pastries

With decorative fruits

My mummy’s dessert collection. Wow… Double portions of each item! Can she eat or what?? Haha.. No lah, she helped me get a portion too cos my hands were full of baby.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take pictures of the main course, which included other goodies like baby lobsters, abalone, the assorted sashimi and other international buffet favorites.

And presents from the sweeties in my family:

From papa, mummy, bro B, bro T n sis!

Thank you, everyone!

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