Birthday Celebration with Sea Urchin and Lanterns

Celebrated my birthday with B and Little B over the mid-autumn weekend. B helped me put a tick off one of the items on my bucket list: eat sea urchin roe…

We were at Waraku at Central. And we saw sea urchin sushi on the menu. The price wasn’t indicated, but we thought, ‘how expensive can a couple of sushi be, right?’ Turns out this lovely couple here costs $18!

…$9 per piece!! But well, you only live once, right… It tasted like some sea version of mayonnaise. Not bad, but I probaly won’t go for these again in a long while…hehe

Our noodles were tasty too, and thankfully, not as pricey;)

Cold Udon with sashimi and yam paste

Ramen with seafood in thick, pork broth

We got a nice window seat where Little B could count boats by the Singapore River.:)

Then we took a walk down by the river to look at all the mid-autumn lanterns. The riverside was lit up with all sorts of exciting colors!

We saw the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac

And various street activities…

We walked from sunset

Till night fall

There! Nature’s very own lantern and the reason for celebrating mid-autumn: the moon. It’s said the moon shines the brightest and looks the largest on this day.

What a beautiful, memorable celebration, thanks to my dearest B for organising it and trying to make me feel special even though he was unwell… Feel so loved and blessed!!:)

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