The Lantern Festival

Besides the moon, there are, to me, five things that are an indispensible part of the Mid-autumn or Lantern Festival: mooncakes, pomelos, tea, lanterns and piglet biscuits. Yesterday was mid-autumn night and we had three of the five things. That called for a mini celebration.:)


Mooncake (thanks, Mummy!)


Though I don’t really know it’s origins, I like the Mid-autumn Festival for all the nolstalgic chilhood memories that are attached with it.:)

For instance, I have no idea why we eat pomelos during the festival. It’s debatable: some people say it symbolises exorcism while others argue it stands for bearing male offspring cos the Chinese characters, ‘you zi’ sound like it. All I know is, they taste good!

My Popo (paternal grandmother) used to peel it such that it’s rind could be worn on the head like a helmet. Because pomelos are a seasonal fruit which you don’t always get, they were especially precious and I used to savor them one sac at a time while reading a book.

I love salted yolk mooncakes! The combination of sweet and salty, moist and crumbly washed down with the bittersweet fragrance of green tea is quite, quite divine. 🙂

Salted yolk mooncake!

With Jasmine Green Tea…

Nowadays, mooncakes come in all sorts of bizarre flavors and colors.

But my favorite is still the traditional salted yolk mooncake.

Hi again!

Mmm… Yummy!

Ending off with two random pictures of a procession of families and children from my MIL’s neighborhood carrying lanterns and following a dragon dancing it’s way through her housing estate.

My guess is half of the people there probably don’t know the exact origins of the festival either. I even spotted a few different races among the crowd.

Anyway, who cares if you don’t know the origins of why we need to carry a lantern, right? The point is, carrying lanterns is fun and brings everyone together!:)

These are my favorite kind of lanterns. Delicate handmade cellophane lanterns that are lit up with a small candle. Aren’t they lovely?

Happy Mid-autumn!!

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