The Little Critters are Moving…

My Ferrero Rocher box is full.

Time for the first batch of animals to move into Noah’s ark (a.k.a my car dashboard). Little B will have her car seat turned around soon, so these should keep her entertained (hopefully!) when she gets cranky on long rides.

I always had a problem believing in Noah’s Ark cos it’s hard to imagine how Noah and his family ever dealt with providing healthy diets for all the creatures of the earth, you know, from massive elephants to little pink fairy armadillos. What if lion wanted to eat zebra? There weren’t too many of those to go around…

Then again, God probably put them all in hibernation mode to solve the problem of hunger pangs and keep the poop minimal. Also, I think He sent only babies so everyone could fit in nicely.

B kindly keeps aside a collection of thriller movies. We watch them while I make these. Every time we get to the scary part(which is very often), I focus on sculpting the clay. For the rest of the show, I’m pinching the clay to keep it supple.

These are worth 1.5 hours of scary movie.

These are worth close to 2 hours cos the wool is made of individual balls. The build up of this movie was probably very slow.

These took nearly 2.5 hours because of the patches.

“We love horror movies!”

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