Little B Loves Eating in the Supermarket

Was busy the past week, whipping up mini buffets for Little B. Baby meal times have never been longer… Since learning how to say, ‘No!’, she seems to have taken great delight in exercising her new found vocabulary.

“Little B, let’s have some of this yummy porridge that has been cooking for 2hours…”


“How bout some Ipoh Hor Fun?”


“ABC pasta soup?”


“Fried egg?”


“Fish fingers?”


Nononono! And she will clamp her little mouth shut and shake her head and make yucky faces. So what exactly does she eat??:P

Current List of Little B-approved foods-

All consumed in little portions:
1) fruit yoghurt
2) papaya (must be sweet, otherwise it’s NO)
3) Kyoho grapes, baby midget grapes and green seedless grapes
4) baby bananas (max 1-5 bites per day only. This used to be her favorite, now it’s not)
5) watermelon (must be sweet)
6) Kiwi fruit
7) pureed apple, pear, peaches and most other fruit (yes, fruits are the only things she likes)
8) cheese

Max 1-10 bites per day of the following:
9) frog porridge
10) minced chicken/ pork porridge
11) fish porridge (max 1 bite)
12) flower shaped pasta
13) ABC shaped pasta
14) chopped mee sua/ ipoh hor fun
15) chopped udon (10 chewy bits, only at approved Japanese Restaurants and 0 home cooked udon)
16) yoghurt melts
17) apple-strawberry puffs
18) soft bread

Man… I never knew eating could be such a chore… You have to prepare a huge spread just to get her to consume a small quantity each day… My mum gleefully says it’s retribution.;(

Good thing the newly opened NTUC near Expo has a wide range of food items for us to choose from. And strangely, Little B eats lots of bread every time we visit the NTUC. Usually Daddy pushes her in the cart to watch the fish and prawns while feeding her.

She enjoys watching the prawns watching her while she eats…

They’re sitting in rows like they’re at the movies or something. Even the Tiger ones do that. They must be really hungry.

They had hairy crabs yesterday!

Just look at them scuttling!

And all that fur on their pincers!

They look ready to box each other!

There were also XXL crabs

And eels.

What a lively section in the supermarket. Little B ate one whole slice of bread while watching them! I should bring her here every day.

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