Bubble gum flavored grape

If I showed you this

…you’d probably be able to imagine what grape bubble gum tastes like, right?
I’ve always wondered where grape flavored bubble gum got it’s flavor when the grapes that I ate never tasted like that.

But thanks to Little B and her varied fruit diet, I’ve tried close to 10 different grape varieties of late and out of these, I’ve found one that tastes like grape flavored bubble gum! This!

They look so perfect, don’t they…?

They’re about this size:

And they have TWO layers of skin…. One dark, smooth and waxy skin on the outside…

…and a lighter colored, ‘cushiony’ skin on the inside…

The flesh looks pretty much like the normal grapes I eat.

It has seeds like a normal grape…

But the texture of the flesh is… gummy!

I don’t know how else to describe it but I felt as if I were eating grape flavored gummy bears bursting with juice!:P

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