Fish Soup with Century Egg and Coriander

I’ve always wanted to cook one of those savoury, milky fish soups they serve at Chinese restaurants. So I tried this yesterday. Though it ended up a little different from the ones I had in mind, this soup’s very aromatic and comforting.

Fish fillet (I used tilapia)
2 century eggs, diced
1 pkt Coriander (about 5 full sprigs)
Few slices ginger
Soup stock (I used Fish and pork bones, with a little dried scallop, boiled for two hours)

1 tsp cornflour
1 tsp oil

1) make your own soup stock beforehand.
2) slice the ginger, chop the Coriander and set aside. I like to fit them into herbal tea bags so they are easy to remove from the soup later. I do that for the fish bones too.
3) dice the century eggs and add them to the boiling soup stock.
4) slice fish fillet and marinate for half an hour.
5) remove coriander and fish bones.
6) add fish slices to the soup and stir for a minute or two till the fish is just done. Add more salt to taste. Serve hot.

B, who doesn’t usually like soup dishes, thought it was delicious. Though it doesn’t look very impressive, it tastes wonderful, especially when the fish is fresh and just done.:)