My Little Ponies

Thought I’d wipe the display cupboard a bit today. Guess what I came across??

My pony collection!

No, I don’t play with them now. Little B will inherit them some day. But for now, I like to collect them for sentimental reasons. They used to be THE dream toy I never had the means to purchase when I was little. So now I’m making up for it. Haha.;)

These are pre-loved ponies I got off eBay. (The new ones they sell these days are quite, quite ugly; more like deer with wigs.:(( )

I just can’t figure out why kids wouldn’t prefer the old version to the new!

Hmm… Maybe I’m old-fashioned. Well, leave me be then. With my old vintage darlings!

Aren’t they lovely?

B managed to get me one of the last few decent-looking ponies a few years ago:

Here are my favorite super old ponies from the 1980s:

They’re from the ‘so-soft’ series.

Aren’t they sweet?? :))