Gingko with Beancurd Skin and Pork Ribs Soup

I’m posting this not because it tastes good. Actually, I found it quite awful. I always thought beancurd skin and gingko nuts worked well as a sweet dessert, not as a savoury soup. So when I came across this savoury version, I was quite intrigued. Anyway, I’m putting it here so I’ll remember not to cook it again the next time. And in case some people might be able to give me a clue about what went wrong.

These were all the ingredients I used. I simply blanched the pork first before boiling everything together with the other ingredients. And added salt after 3 hours when it was done.

It doesn’t look that bad- a bit like Wanton Soup. But it tasted strange. Like dessert gone bad.

I’m glad I had other dishes and lots of chilli padi to mask the soup flavor… Hehe…