Best Fish Head Bee Hoon and Recipe

This is the best Fish Head Bee Hoon Stall in Singapore!!

It would have tasted better if we had eaten it right after ordering, but well, we were running late, so we had takeaways. Which still tasted great!:)

This is a recipe that I’ve experimented with and modified after a few tries. It doesn’t taste exactly like the real thing but it comes close.:)

1/2 kg white fish fillet chunks
3 cups oil for deep-frying
1 cup corn flour
6 cups fish stock
3 tbsps fish sauce
1 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp ground white pepper
250 g thick beehoon, soaked till soft and drained
100ml evaporated milk
1 tsp Hua tiao wine

Fish Stock
Fish bones
Pork bones
Deep fried dried sole fish
Ginger slices

Chicken Ginger Sauce
1 tsp cooking oil
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp corn flour

Deep fried ikan bills
Chye sim
Fried shallots
2 red chillies, sliced

1) marinate the fish chunks and set aside for an hour.
2) coat the fish with corn flour
3) deep fry the fish chunks and set aside.

4) make the fish stock while the fish is marinating. I boil the bones in bags so it’s easier to remove later.
5) boil the bee hoon and set aside.

6) Add the remaining ingredients into the stock and bring it to a boil. Add the evaporated milk and wine last.
7) Scoop noodles onto a bowl and arrange fish chunks on top. Dish out the soup.
8) Prepare and sprinkle on garnishing.

Tadah! Ready to eat!!:)))

This is awesome! You must try it!

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