I’ve been neglecting Ewehouse the past week, not because I’ve stopped pottering around in here but because I’ve been busy growing seeds in Ewegarden. I decided to streamline the contents I put into this blog a little more by expanding my blogging territory…

So now, if you look at my header, you’ll see a new category ‘Ewegarden’ and this will take you to my artwork and illustrations. Mostly card designs for my old Etsy shop which I’m trying to resurrect!

While I’m typing this, a mosquito lands and tries to suck blood from my S.

(Sorry that sounded rude, but as you can see, that’s REALLY what I meant.)

And sorry mosquito. You have to go.

Anyway, as I was saying, Ewegarden currently holds mainly old card designs. I do hope to include more art styles and experiment on new mediums in time to come!

So stay tuned…