The art of eating chicken wings + yummy wing recipe

B, who finds meat attached to bones gross, has been eating chicken wing after chicken wing ever since he discovered this video:

How to eat chicken wings

So, for the sake of all people who like to eat boneless meat, this is for you! Here is a super easy chicken wing recipe that’s finger-lickin’ good, but the highlight is the eating bit.

Here are all the ingredients you need:
1/2 kg mid-wings
2 tbsp Hoisin sauce
3 tbsp chicken marinade
3 tbsp hua tiao wine
1 tbsp honey

Step 1: marinate wings in all the ingredients overnight.

I don’t like my chicken with too strong a honey taste, so I left out the honey till just before baking.

I gave the wings just a light coat.

Step 2: heat oven to 180degC and bake wings for 30mins.



Wasn’t that simple?

Now to eat the wing… Instead of gnawing all around and in between the bones and leaving behind precious morsels of tender meat, here is another way!

1) Grab the wing, chew/pluck off the cartilege at the ends
2) twist the smaller bone a little and slide it out.
3) twist the bigger bone and slide it out too!

You’ll get boneless wings in a jiffy! (See how speedily B is using his hands)

But if you enjoy nibbling the meat directly off the bone (like me!), go for the old gnaw-off method. Either way, you’ll still end up with this.

Clean bones.
(Haha, gross, I know. But hey, I’ve made the picture extra small!)