Watercress and Pork Ribs Soup

When the weather gets scorching hot like it has recently, there’s nothing I like better than to have a bowl of cooling soup. Watercress soup is one of my favourites and I can eat bundles and bundles of this vegetable in soup without rice, just like a cow. }:0

1 bundle of Watercress
500g pork ribs
6 large pitted red dates
1 honey date
1tbsp bitter almonds
1 tsp wolfberries
1-2 dried scallops or other dried seafood like squid

1) blanch and clean the pork ribs before
2) adding in all other ingredients and boiling for 3 hours.
3) add salt to taste.

(I don’t like the taste of wolfberries to seep in too much into the soup, so I usually boil them in small teabags and fish them out after two hours. I replace a few of them when serving for color)

Enjoy! *moo*