Pig’s Maw Soup with Fish Maw and Gingko Nuts

Okay, I know this dish sounds gross, even though I have already tried to lessen the gross factor by saying ‘maw’ instead of ‘stomach’…

But pig’s maw soup is comfort food for a typical Chinese family. Add in a luxury item like fish maw and it becomes a soup fit for festive occasions…:)

Chicken stock (I boiled some chicken carcass for around 3 hours to get this)
Pig’s maw (cleaned, blanched and sliced)
Fish maw (cut into rings)
A handful of Gingko nuts
1 tbsp peppercorn, crushed (i like to put them in a tea bag for easy removal later. Add more, of you like your soup more spicy!)
Chopped spring onion/ coriander

1) Boil all the ingredients for three hours. Add in the fish maw only during the last hour if you prefer a little more crunch to it.

2) Ready to serve!