Steamed Bunny Buns with Pork Floss-Mayo Filling

Little B adores little white bunnies. So I made little white bunnies and stuffed them with her favourite pork floss! Hehe… Turned out pretty cute and tasty!

I modified a recipe that came with my breadmaker. Instead of chopping up char siew and other intricate bits, I took the easy way out and just used pork floss and mayonnaise… Hehe… so here you go- Steamed Pork Floss Bunnies! They are really easy to make, especially if you have a breadmaker… Teehee!

2/3 cup water
1 cup Pau flour (bread flour is fine)
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp cooking oil (I used lard;))
1 tsp active yeast
Pork floss

1) Put all ingredients (except Mayonnaise and Pork floss) into the breadmaker and knead it into dough.

2) Remove from breadmaker and cut into 8 equal portions.

3) let the portions rise for 20 mins, covered in a warm, cosy place. Then knead them into balls and flatten them before adding a filling of mayonnaise and pork floss.

4) bunch the edges together into one little bunny tail!

5) cut out two ears with a pair of scissors.

6) lay the bunnies on some cut-out baking paper and place them onto your steaming plate. Not too close please! The bunnies need breathing space!:)

7) Dot in the eyes and nose with red food coloring. Or if you may just poke little holes for the eyes

I used a chopstick to dot the eyes and noses.

There you go! All ready to be steamed!

8) steam the bunnies for 10-15 mins… I gave a range as timing may vary for different steamers…

Hello little bunnies!:)

Welcome to my world!

Little B has been waiting eagerly for you!!

Yum yum!

Tastes great!:)

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