New Beginnings

This is Australia.

This is our backyard flourishing with weeds, but absolutely pretty nevertheless! At least, to me.;)

So. Here we are, finally. After one year of preparation…

(Too many things have happened in the past year to squeeze into this post… So I shan’t elaborate here. Maybe in another post!)

No we didn’t migrate. B is on a one-year scholarship to study his Masters. Clever boy he is! To get paid to study overseas? How good can that get?:)

I thought it would be appropriate to start off my first post in a very long while with green plants and seedlings.

This is my first try at gardening! Grew some seeds in a used Sushi container. Here they are after about one month…

The rectangle pots contain some colorful flowering plants(I forgot what they are!)… And the round pots contain young strawberry plants that are just starting to bear fruit! I cheated here, by getting them all ready grown from Coles. Hehe…

My cucumber and chilli plants grew from seed though!:)

Here is a Coles strawberry… Looking kinda pale at the moment..

And I am growing my pole beans wrongly, I think?? Help! What should I do? They are starting to climb onto each other!!

And little B’s budding butterfly garden.:)

btw, Little B is not so little now! Littlest B is the tiniest in the family now, so I will call her Tiny B.:)

Ok, till next time!