Sunshine and milestones…

238 days… It has been 238 days since the new year. Since I last posted. 

Oh my… What has happened in between? Life has been packed to the brim with so many events; B and I have been so busy with the little ones, settling in Aussie and settling back in Singapore, studying, taking on new jobscopes, potty training, nursing, to name just a few, that there’s simply no time to write. B laments even my WhatsApp profile picture has remained the same for ages. Well, I did attempt to change it once, but I couldn’t decide which picture to use and in the midst of choosing, either little B or tiny B would make known their endless requests for food, nappy change, playtime, work time, bath time, attention, attention, attention… And they hate it when I use my phone. So well… 

But things are picking up…! I have pockets of half an hour now and then, when they are so absorbed with each other’s role-playing Peppa games that mummy can go sit in the corner nearby.

So here is mummy in her corner. And write I must! For God has been so good. He has blessed me daily with precious memories, curious observations, rainy day activities, fun recipes, that I’d like to remember in this blog, this time capsule of words, as far as possible! 

So I will revive you, blog. Slowly but surely, you will breathe again!

Look! Little B has progressed from chicken scratches on the paper to lovely watercolour pieces like the first picture above! That’s her take on our trip to the zoo. Tiny B is following suit. Her little purple sun with sunglasses just makes me smile. These bright, happy colors are just like their hearts. Pure, simple and beautiful.:)