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Rice Cooker Bee-tanghoon! 

I like cooking beehoon and tanghoon in my rice cooker.  It’s less greasy and less messy. And the best part is, the bee-tanghoon doesn’t get stuck to the sides and break into tiny… Continue reading

Bubble wrap

One of the simple pleasures in life… My girls usually love it much more than it’s contents…! Don’t you just feel like reaching out to squeeze…. I can’t resist popping them… Especially when… Continue reading

Indoor Hopscotch!

Hey… Check this out… Hopscotch… Now if I can only figure out which foot goes into which box… Never mind… Better to leave it to the girls… Hop hop hoppity hop…!

Rainy Days…

We love them! Especially when the haze is back… It is the perfect reason to take out the girls prettily decorated $2 umbrellas from Daiso. Here is Little B decorating hers ‘in case… Continue reading

Sunshine and milestones…

238 days… It has been 238 days since the new year. Since I last posted.  Oh my… What has happened in between? Life has been packed to the brim with so many events;… Continue reading

Baby penguin sushi stuffed with pork floss

Saw this adorable contraption online and knew Little B would love the end result. She already loves sushi with seaweed; little penguin sushis would definitely be a hit. Here is the penguin mould… Continue reading

Trust and Obey on Garageband

Purple cauliflowers, anyone?

Apparently, purple cauliflowers are a common sight in Australia. But this is the first time I’ve ever seen one! I had to get one to try. Pardon me for my ignorance, but it… Continue reading

Gyudon and Oyako Don (Japanese Beef bowl and Chicken-egg bowl)

Felt like having a bowl of Yoshinoya’s rice with XXL toppings today… Hehe… What better way than to make your own toppings… You can request for as high a mountain of toppings you… Continue reading

Little Brown Hedgehogs and Bunnies

After the Steamed Little White Bunnies were so well-received by Little B, I was spurred on to try out little brown bunnies and hedgehogs. They need a few more steps and ingredients, but are… Continue reading

Steamed Bunny Buns with Pork Floss-Mayo Filling

Little B adores little white bunnies. So I made little white bunnies and stuffed them with her favourite pork floss! Hehe… Turned out pretty cute and tasty! I modified a recipe that came… Continue reading

Meat Fish ball Noodle Soup

Actually this post should be called ‘how NOT to make fishballs’. Cos this was meant to be a Fishball Noodle recipe! In fact, the soup base and all the other ingredients that you… Continue reading

Best Ipoh Hor Fun Soup Recipe

Ever had one of those comfort foods that bring back many fond memories? 🙂 This recipe takes me way back in time to a nostalgic Ipoh Hor Fun shop (Lee Tong Kee) that… Continue reading


Dreams are such fleeting things. Like dew drops. I imagine millions of us nodding off to sleep every night; millions of grass blades collecting water baubles that grow on us at twilight and… Continue reading

Stir-fried Bittergourd with Salted Egg

I love salted egg yolk! It not only tastes good alone but makes almost everything you cook it with taste good; dumplings, prawns, crab, even bittergourd… If not because it’s unhealthy, I would… Continue reading

Pig’s Maw Soup with Fish Maw and Gingko Nuts

Okay, I know this dish sounds gross, even though I have already tried to lessen the gross factor by saying ‘maw’ instead of ‘stomach’… But pig’s maw soup is comfort food for a… Continue reading

Sweet and Sour Pork

This is a dish that almost every Chinese family is familiar with. But every recipe probably has it’s own unique twist too! This is the way my family likes sweet and sour pork!:)… Continue reading

Crispy Tofu with Sweet and Sour Sauce

This is a really simple dish that can be whipped up in less than half an hour! Ingredients Two pieces of Tau Kwa Some thinly sliced cucumber, pressed dry Some thinly sliced carrot,… Continue reading

Chicken Mushroom Claypot Rice with Salted fish and Chinese Sausage

B and I went for Claypot Cooking classes many years ago. Though I have lost the original recipe for this one, this comes quite close! Ingredients3 cups half-cooked ricechicken chunks, marinated (and deboned,… Continue reading

Rainbow Salmon!

Haha, no, it’s not a new species of fish; just a dish with many colors! Asparagus wrapped in streaky bacon with a light coat of sweet Japanese sauce. Sizzling alongside honey grape tomatoes… Continue reading

There’s Something About Marbles…

…that’s so irresistable …to tiny hands! Maybe it’s the fascination of colorful specks embedded in clear glass Or the way sunlight makes it a little glowing sphere Or it’s just the way cool… Continue reading

Mini Watermelon!

Ever seen a watermelon that can fit on your palm? This was a first for me! Of course, I had to find out if mini watermelons look(or taste) like a scaled-down version of… Continue reading

Steamed Stuffed Mushrooms and Tofu Puffs

Recently, the weather has been crazy; swinging from scorching temperatures of 36deg C to sudden heavy rains. My neighboring area had a recent Dengue outbreak and several preschools were closed due to cases… Continue reading

Weird fruit

Tried two strange fruit I bought from NTUC yesterday. Custard Apples and Maprang… B refused to touch any of the Custard Apples. Well, I don’t blame him. They looked pretty awful and inedible.… Continue reading

The art of eating chicken wings + yummy wing recipe

B, who finds meat attached to bones gross, has been eating chicken wing after chicken wing ever since he discovered this video: How to eat chicken wings So, for the sake of all… Continue reading


I’ve been neglecting Ewehouse the past week, not because I’ve stopped pottering around in here but because I’ve been busy growing seeds in Ewegarden. I decided to streamline the contents I put into… Continue reading

DIY Family Books

I had great fun doing our own family versions of fairy tales for Little B. The last one was The Little Red Riding Hood, starring Little B as Little Red Riding Hood and… Continue reading

Best Fish Head Bee Hoon and Recipe

This is the best Fish Head Bee Hoon Stall in Singapore!! It would have tasted better if we had eaten it right after ordering, but well, we were running late, so we had… Continue reading

Flu and the Liebster Award

I was down with the flu four weeks ago and visited the doctor twice. (And the inertia to blog again set in…) I haven’t really fallen sick for a few years and I… Continue reading

Cauliflower and carrot flowers

Was playing around with extra food in the fridge a few nights ago… …tried to doll up my cauliflower with this… Ingredients Cauliflower 1 carrot 10 large shelled prawns Pork slices Marinade 1… Continue reading

Happycall Belacan Fish

I haven’t used my Happycall pan much since I last purchased it. I bought it cos it promised an odorless + greaseless + splatter-free cooking while frying stuff, especially fish. What they don’t… Continue reading

Tikki Having a Bad-tummy Day

He probably ate something rotten… That’s why they call this the ‘bomb-shelter’…

Gingko with Beancurd Skin and Pork Ribs Soup

I’m posting this not because it tastes good. Actually, I found it quite awful. I always thought beancurd skin and gingko nuts worked well as a sweet dessert, not as a savoury soup.… Continue reading

Making Chilli Padi Last and Last

This is another one of those things that they pack much more than you can consume in one sitting. I experimented with freezing them and it works! These little fire bombs can last… Continue reading

What to do with a moldy TV…

We haven’t been watching TV for quite a while… as you can see. It’s infested with mold… All UNDER the screen so that we can’t scrape it off. It’s quite a goner. It… Continue reading

The Book of Doing – Allison Arden

B bought me this book some time back. I love it! It’s a book of many fun, random and easy-to-do things that can make any day more colorful! I flipped through it today… Continue reading

How to Stick to New Year Resolutions (A serious, non-frivolous post)

Over the years, I’ve come to look forward to setting new year resolutions. I used to be a firm believer of ‘let tomorrow worry about itself’. Then one sunny day 12 years ago,… Continue reading

It has been an eventful 2012

Yes, I’m back. Hehe… (Though I would prefer not to mention anything and pretend my last entry was just yesterday.) But hey, I’ve been busy with a few things like And this And… Continue reading

Prima Taste Chilli Prawns

This has made its way into my list of favorite insincere foods. It’s meant for days when you’ve got no time to cook prawn sambal from scratch but still have a craving for… Continue reading

Bubble gum flavored grape

If I showed you this …you’d probably be able to imagine what grape bubble gum tastes like, right? I’ve always wondered where grape flavored bubble gum got it’s flavor when the grapes that… Continue reading

Little B Loves Eating in the Supermarket

Was busy the past week, whipping up mini buffets for Little B. Baby meal times have never been longer… Since learning how to say, ‘No!’, she seems to have taken great delight in… Continue reading

The Little Critters are Moving…

My Ferrero Rocher box is full. Time for the first batch of animals to move into Noah’s ark (a.k.a my car dashboard). Little B will have her car seat turned around soon, so… Continue reading

The Lantern Festival

Besides the moon, there are, to me, five things that are an indispensible part of the Mid-autumn or Lantern Festival: mooncakes, pomelos, tea, lanterns and piglet biscuits. Yesterday was mid-autumn night and we… Continue reading

Birthday Celebration with Sea Urchin and Lanterns

Celebrated my birthday with B and Little B over the mid-autumn weekend. B helped me put a tick off one of the items on my bucket list: eat sea urchin roe… We were… Continue reading

Thank you family!

Had a lovely meal with my family to celebrate my early birthday. Every one of our birthdays is a great opportunity for get-togethers and a cool excuse to feast like gluttons. Heehee… That’s… Continue reading

Tikki is sulking…

He’s upset that he hasn’t had much air time on my blog of late. He feels left out and forgotten. Poor fellow. Here’s a little something to cheer him up. ??? Technorati Tags:… Continue reading

Amazing Everything – The Art of Scott C

Here’s another gem I picked up from the library – a collection of whimsical, funny and delightful art by Scott Campbell. I love his quirky style and his adorable illustrations which are full… Continue reading

Artist’s Complete Problem Solver by Trudy Friend

I liked this book so much that I ended up buying it after borrowing it from the library.:) (Mine is a 2nd hand copy off Ebay at less than half it’s original price… Continue reading

Little B and her Frog Buddies

Little B loves frogs. She starts squealing in delight every time she spots them- at art museums, in advertisements, in Daiso (this place is full of frogs, btw. The Japanese seem to love… Continue reading

The Rainbow Connection

I dislike anything to do with numbers. Apart from my salary, the more the digits, does not make me the merrier. Since we got married, I’ve always left all household finances to B.… Continue reading

National Library Board Book Sale

Every year, NLB clears it’s old books. I’m happy for them and for all who don’t mind owning a good secondhand! My neighbor and I went to Expo for the NLB preview this… Continue reading

Man Yue Cakes and the Chinese Confinement Month

Recently, a dear friend of mine delivered her adorable baby girl and after the customary 1 month confinement, celebrated her baby’s 1st month birthday (and her freedom from confinement)! She kindly delivered these… Continue reading

Sweetest Melons from Sunny Spain

I came across a melon at Giant that I’d never seen before. Of course I had to try it! Removing the sticker revealed more of that nice, lizardy skin. Hey, it looks like… Continue reading

Would you like a bit of Geoduck?

I spotted some Geoduck (pronounced as ‘gooey duck’) at Jpot at Tampines 1. Hmm… Geoducks DO look kinda rude… They sound weird too… But they’re a prized delicacy. I’ve never tried them before… Continue reading

First Homemade Bolster Case

Little B’s bolster case was getting stinkier every day, due to all her teething and drooling. We had only one set of covers. It was time to get another set. But they were… Continue reading

World’s First Angry Birds Cable Car Ride!

Little B had her very first cable car ride! They were having an Angry Birds theme when we went there. This looks like one of the lift button panels from a nightmare I… Continue reading

Trip to Pasir Ris Park

We came across many pretty things at Pasir Ris Park yesterday.:) Two friendly ponies named Charlie… …and Jasmine. We couldn’t feed them, though! Lovely raintrees… A glimpse of a river-canal leading out to… Continue reading

Jumping Clay

B is on leave this week. Which is why I’m taking a break from cooking and taking this chance to try out and finish using up my Jumping Clay before it all dries… Continue reading

Remembering Mother Teresa

Today marks her death exactly 15 years ago. She is one person whose writing has influenced a large part of my outlook in life, though she is more well-known for her work than… Continue reading

5 of My Favorite Insincere Food

What rubbish term have you coined this time? You ask. ‘Insincere food’?? This is my definition: any dish that is more than 50% pre-made commercially by someone or something else (factories included) apart… Continue reading

Tikki and the Tick

Tikki made friends with a Tick and brought him home last night, much to our horror. It was the size of a fat raisin, only it was ugly; grey and plump with tiny,… Continue reading

Rainy Days Make Me High!

Yay! It’s another rainy day! 🙂 If this keeps up, every post is going to be about another rainy day… Which I don’t mind, actually! Hehee! Today I am trying out the new… Continue reading

What is your response to this painting?

Yes, I’m curious to know… When different people view the same piece of art, do they generally respond the same way? Why or why not? Let me show you a painting that I… Continue reading

The Secret Life of Bees

Haven’t posted in the last few days as it has been raining and rainy days put me in a reading mood. So I was engrossed with this: I borrowed the e-Book not knowing… Continue reading

My Childhood Games from the 1980s (part 2)

Continued from My Childhood Games from the 1980s (part 1) 13) Chapteh 14) paper ballThese used to be sold at 10 cents each in my school bookshop. I was glad to chance upon… Continue reading

My Childhood Games from the 1980s (Part 1)

This lengthy post and the upcoming one(s) are specially for little B (when she can read at least half a decade later), who may in case be curious about the games her deprived… Continue reading

Belly Button Biscuits

One of my favourite childhood treats!! Every time I come across these biscuits, I’m filled with happy memories like running across green grassy fields, tapping on Mimosa leaves and catching butterflies under blues… Continue reading

The Curious Incident of the Ant in Broad Daylight

Today, I did something that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long while – follow the path of an ant with my crayon. I always feel there is something spiritual about… Continue reading

Thai Green Curry

My brother gave me a packet of Thai Green Curry back from his recent trip to Thailand and I was both a little excited and dismayed. Excited, because I’ve never cooked green curry… Continue reading

642 Things to Draw

This is a review of this book; actually more of a droning narration of my experience using it for the first time. I like this book cos it gives you so many random… Continue reading

Peranakan museum

After our trip to the Art Museum, we walked down the street to the Peranakan Museum. Free admission too! How cool is that! We should visit the museums every National Day:) Though my… Continue reading

Art museum – Art Garden

  We went over the National Day weekend. They were having a contemporary art exhibition for children. The best part: free admission Of all the exhibits, I liked this sand art room the… Continue reading

101 Things I Like About Singapore!

Today is National Day. Seldom do I sit down to think about what I like about my country. Hmm, come to think of it, I’ve never done this before! Haha, so I might… Continue reading

How Tikki Got His Name

In case you’re wondering why anyone would call their dog something that sounds parasite-infested, let me clarify, that’s not his full name. His full name is Tikki-tikki-tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo.… Continue reading

The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz

I’ve barely started on this book and I’m already sold on most of the arguments presented… …around us did” I’m sold cos I experienced most of them all in a week, all in… Continue reading

Tikki Hates Rainy Days

It’s another rainy day. I love rainy days and grey clouds! Tikki hates them. He is scared of thunder, that wussy. Every time it rains, he becomes a nervous wreck and starts combing… Continue reading

How to Compose your own song and upload it onto YouTube (all on the iPad)!

Call me slow, ‘sua-ku’, frog-in-well, whatever, I don’t care! I finally managed to upload my first-ever song on Youtube! (in fact, that is my first ever Youtube video. Yes, yes, I am so… Continue reading

Trip to the National Orchid Garden

Yesterday was Little B’s birthday. We spent the whole afternoon out at the Botanic Gardens pushing her about in her tricycle. She had great fun. Hehe.. Probably because of our upcoming National Day,… Continue reading


I can finally pack the mess on my drop-desk… …wash my paintbrushes… …and throw away my disposable Daiso palette… (though I kinda like how the acrylics caked up layer upon layer on each… Continue reading

Saving My Durian for a Rainy Day

So much for my anti-Heaty Week Posts… It’s coming to an end, I assure you. In the meantime, I’m keeping things cool… By cooking Cooling Food, drinking the Barley and Honey Lemon that… Continue reading

Heaty and Cooling Food List

Are you, by chance, experiencing some of the following:• Feelings of irritability• Short temper• Fever• Constipation• Flushed face or cheeks• Dark yellow urine• Sore throat• Nose bleed• Outbreak of pimples and acne• Rashes•… Continue reading

No more heaty food this week!

Been a bit under the weather the past couple of days. Runny nose, body aches, running a slight temperature, thanks to last weeks’ binge on glorious, heaty food. In addition to all the… Continue reading

What to do with too much perfume…

Have you ever received perfume from nice, well-meaning friends and relatives which you know you’ll never use? They’re not the expensive sort; neither are they cheap. Maybe they’re too floral or sweet-smelling or… Continue reading

Coconut Day

Yummy=unhealthy Haha! I cooked TWO yummy dishes yesterday! Nasi Lemak was the challenge of the day, cos I’d never cooked this before. Fish Head Curry is an old time favourite…:) For me, Nasi… Continue reading

Albino Bittergourd…?

Came across a white bittergourd at NTUC… Decided to buy it and try cooking it! Did a bit of googling to find a recipe. Finally decided on a few and did a little… Continue reading


Went to the Botanic Gardens two days ago (yes, yes lagging again.) Saw THREE Hornbills in a tree! The only other time I’ve seen a wild Hornbill in Singapore was at Pasir Ris… Continue reading

How to Make Body Scrub at No Cost (almost)!

Who doesn’t love a good backrub after a long, tiring day? Imagine rubbing away at all those tense, achey muscles with an exfoliating, relaxing scrub that smells of exotic flowers and tropical fruit… Continue reading

Honest review on Marina Bay Sands Hotel

MBS (Marina Bay Sands)… One of our country’s most prominent landmarks; part of our Garden Cityscape’s pride and joy.. Yes… 5-star hotel, no less.. And of course, given that it costs almost SGD$1K… Continue reading

The most absolutely delicious eggs I’ve ever eaten…

Slow-cooked organic eggs from MBS… So smooth, so creamy… the whites just wobble and slide onto your tongue and the yolk bursts gently with slow, ooey gooey goodness the moment your fork pierces… Continue reading

Complimentary in-dining at MBS…

It’s a long story…

Today is Organise-the-storeroom Day!

Taking everything out… And putting everything back… On top… The middle… And bottom.. done!!

Why You Should Not Remove Your Impacted Wisdom Teeth Unnecessarily

No wisdom teeth? You can skip this post cos it will only be a long, boring acount of why you should think twice before plucking any impacted wisdom teeth. I’m writing with first-hand… Continue reading