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Weird fruit

Tried two strange fruit I bought from NTUC yesterday. Custard Apples and Maprang… B refused to touch any of the Custard Apples. Well, I don’t blame him. They looked pretty awful and inedible.… Continue reading

Best Fish Head Bee Hoon and Recipe

This is the best Fish Head Bee Hoon Stall in Singapore!! It would have tasted better if we had eaten it right after ordering, but well, we were running late, so we had… Continue reading

Happycall Belacan Fish

I haven’t used my Happycall pan much since I last purchased it. I bought it cos it promised an odorless + greaseless + splatter-free cooking while frying stuff, especially fish. What they don’t… Continue reading

The Book of Doing – Allison Arden

B bought me this book some time back. I love it! It’s a book of many fun, random and easy-to-do things that can make any day more colorful! I flipped through it today… Continue reading

Amazing Everything – The Art of Scott C

Here’s another gem I picked up from the library – a collection of whimsical, funny and delightful art by Scott Campbell. I love his quirky style and his adorable illustrations which are full… Continue reading

Artist’s Complete Problem Solver by Trudy Friend

I liked this book so much that I ended up buying it after borrowing it from the library.:) (Mine is a 2nd hand copy off Ebay at less than half it’s original price… Continue reading

Jumping Clay

B is on leave this week. Which is why I’m taking a break from cooking and taking this chance to try out and finish using up my Jumping Clay before it all dries… Continue reading

Rainy Days Make Me High!

Yay! It’s another rainy day! 🙂 If this keeps up, every post is going to be about another rainy day… Which I don’t mind, actually! Hehee! Today I am trying out the new… Continue reading

642 Things to Draw

This is a review of this book; actually more of a droning narration of my experience using it for the first time. I like this book cos it gives you so many random… Continue reading

Honest review on Marina Bay Sands Hotel

MBS (Marina Bay Sands)… One of our country’s most prominent landmarks; part of our Garden Cityscape’s pride and joy.. Yes… 5-star hotel, no less.. And of course, given that it costs almost SGD$1K… Continue reading

Why You Should Not Remove Your Impacted Wisdom Teeth Unnecessarily

No wisdom teeth? You can skip this post cos it will only be a long, boring acount of why you should think twice before plucking any impacted wisdom teeth. I’m writing with first-hand… Continue reading